Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Haven't killed him yet.....

Friday was our five year wedding anniversary. Definitely doesn't feel like it. Weird for sure. We generally don't do big gifts, especially right after Christmas. And even moreso this year, with our big gift to ourselves being the trip to Egypt (that we have been saving up for since the wedding). But we had to do somethingto mark the occasion. So in true Nordyke fashion, it turned into a family dinner to Montage where we received a really sweet music box (5 years is wood) from my parents, as well as an anniversary book (time to think back to other anniversaries). Both Tim and I were pretty sick, so it was going to be low key anyway.

But Tim's gift to me had arrived a few days early. (Fine by me!) A cache of the Australian and New Zealand foods that we have been missing. I am ashamed to say how much of it is already gone mere days later.
2 boxes of Milo, 2 boxes of Sultanas, 4 packages of TRUE Tim Tams, and a bag of Jaffas. Absolutely fabulous.

What's funny is that he had tried to book us massages as his gift before ordering these. Only, the spa called him back to double check because I had already beat him to it as my gift. So he cancelled his and let me be the winner of thinking of it first and had to think of his own idea. I have to say though, as relaxing as our massages were yesterday, nothing beats a bowl of Milo.....

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