Monday, August 9, 2010

Running Ragged!

Good Lord people! I feel like August is trying to kill me! The past two weekends have been crazy, Des Moines, Farmer's Markets, up to Minneapolis for shopping and Something Corporate, Des Moines, Tims work training, friend's birthdays, new yoga, more shopping, more friend time!

And now, the next two weekends will be even crazier. Next weekend (aka 5 days) is Boston for an engagement party and hanging with old friends and the madre. Then two days later Tim and I spend five days in San Francisco playing tourist and seeing more old friends. Then a few days later, back up north to see Ms. Lady Gaga. Insanity. Me and my Civic are the bestest of friends as of now. My back and I, do not share the same loving relationship. Here's the craziness so far!

Strawberry Rhubarb Coffeecake at the Farmer's Market.

Des Moines might actually be good for something! HUGE Farmer's Markets.

Lots of sunsets in the car.

I only have a few moments at home these days. Olivia misses me lots!

Tim saw these and asked if we were moving back to Boston. Skinny jeans still baffle me.

Not the dress I ended up getting, but I still totally dug it.

Something Corporate. I took video of the entire 9minutes of Konstantine. Love.

Emcal loves her some birthday $1 margarita.

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