Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Throwback Thursday: Back to Boston!

I can't post much tonight, I am already 52 minutes behidn schedule. I wanted to be packed by 10:30, in bed by 11. I am almost done packing at 11:23, but Im not ready for bed. The alarm is going off tomorrow at 4am. Ew.

But it will be worth it! Cause I am going to see the girls below! At least two of them! This picture was taken on Saint Patrick's Day 2005. More than 5 years ago...holy cow does that seem ridiculous. I remember that night perfectly...well, the first part, it WAS St. Patricks Boston. But it will only be the second time since I left Boston that I get to see Caroline. I have been lucky enough to see Meg another time in Los Angeles, but still. I miss those crazy kids.

Mom and I are headed to Beantown for a long weekend. Thursday arrival, departing at 7am Monday. Short trip, but its going to be amazing. Cantina with Caroline, Engagement shenanigans with Meg and Kate, traipsing with madre....can't wait!

But yes, I did rock the FLAMING pink hair back in the day....

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