Thursday, February 21, 2013

Yoga Teacher Confessions.

I found this awesome blog post today, and I felt like I should share. I am guilty of many on her list, (ESPECIALLY putting people in childs so I can think what to do next). But here's a few more I've come up with;

  • Sometimes I wonder if a student is hunching their shoulders up to their ears in any pose (but ESPECIALLY cobra) just to piss me off because I have given 9,000 cues about relaxing the shoulders down.
  • Sometimes I want to tell a student the class is full even if its not because they have shown up as I am literally locking the door to start class and now i have to spend five minutes signing them in and waiting while everyone else waits. 
  • Sometimes when I am laying the cool towels on their foreheads, I drip my own sweat on their mats, and I feel zero remorse because they get savasana and I still have to work. 

 Any one out there care to share their own?

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