Sunday, December 9, 2012

DPP Catch Up!

I swear this week lasted a month and an hour all at the same time. I needed the weekend to catch up on everything, and it was even busier than the week! So forgive me, I must do what I hate, three December Photo Project Posts in a row.

Last Gauntlet of the session. Only to receive my brand new wraps AFTER class. I want to go punch things NOOOWWWW.

Got called in to teach class with Corinne not feeling well. An hour to prep. Happens. Certainly got my adrenaline going right out of bed! Only to straight to work at UNI, then a coffee and sushi date with the boys.

Brunch with the boys again. And an afternoon of prepping yoga practices for the next few classes. Yoga after blueberry pancakes induces lots of groans and collapsing in sleepitude onto the floor.

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