Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Iowa City Yoga Festival. Part One.

I seem to have a habit of blogging about events that happened two weekends ago. So why break habit now? This past summer, I was crazy lucky enough to be able to train with James Miller and earn my 200RYT certificate. It just so happens that he produces the Iowa City Yoga Festival every year. October 12-14 was just the weekend! I knew most of my classmates would be there, and I knew some others in attendance, so of course it was a great time. 

First off, best decision ever made, staying at the same hotel as the festival was being held in. I can only imagine the nightmare that would have been trying to drive in and out all the time. So that was a happy moment right away. Plus, it was a really nice new hotel. A surprising find in the middle of Iowa, that's for sure. The festival opened up on Friday night with all of the vendors, and of course, I fell in love with this gorgeous coat immediately. Trying it on was the biggest mistake. I kept staring at it all weekend. However, I am proud to say I didn't succumb to the pressure! 

I was barely in the conference center before seeing classmates of my training classes, and kept seeing them all weekend long. And James was all over the place, it being his event, but the weirdest part of that, was that he was dressed in normal clothes. Not even a suit, but nice pants and a button down. Now, I saw this man every single day for 13 hours a day for two weeks this summer. He has a uniform. Short yoga shorts and tight t shirts. Never once did we see him in anything else. So pants were just a very oddball look. 
We go in to the Opening Ceremonies that night and Matahara was playing on stage as we found seats. And who sits directly behind me? Andrey Lappa, James' ultimate mentor. I was star struck far more than I should have been thats for sure. But he was only an attendee of the evening, and the speakers were just as awesome. Max Strom has the voice of butter. I would listen to him read a phone book. The aerialists…..were there. Tao Porchon-Lynch is the world's oldest yoga teacher. She is 94 and came to stage in leather pants and stilettos. Adorable. She told us about helping the French Revolutionaries and helping people escape in the war. AND learning with Iyengar. Insane. 

Andrey Lappa & James
Tao Porchon-Lynch
Then on came Dreaming Bear. The man had his spine infused five weeks ago and yet he got on a plane from Hawaii to come perform for us. And I'm so glad he did, it was super crazy weird and froofy, but he totally sucked you into it. He had us with linked pinkies and saying aloha to each other with cheek kisses. Good lord just typing that weirds me out. But by the end, we were all singing his Little by Little song and it STILL gets in my head. He was cool. And the older women were totally cougaring out for him. He had long curly hair and the face of Bradley Cooper. They were swooning for sure. A great way to end the opening night. 

Everyone needs some Whole Foods snacks for a weekend of yoga!

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