Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Birthday Week Boo Boos and Ouchies.

I am an idiot. I was so excited to be getting back in to my fifth Next Level that I HAD to facebook about it as I was walking in. At 5:30am, when its dark, in a parking lot that I THINK I know very well. Next thing I know, I am on the ground. (Don't worry, the iPhone 4s was just fine).

I know my back and neck are jacked immediately. But I didn't notice all the bloody carnage until I got inside. It certainly wasn't pretty. Both knees banged up, shin with the road rash from hell, palm punctures. I was the picture of health to start kickboxing five minutes later (not).  Adrenaline kept the wounds from hurting too much (til later), but my neck was on fire.

I waited the few hours for the chiropractor to open. I get in, tell them the story (which they find hilarious) and then he informs me that I have given myself whiplash. By falling. I am an idiot.

So the past three days have been filled with ice packs, Icy Hot, and gauze. So much fun! Ugh. Sleeping with a neck that hates you and sheets brushing against road rash = not the easiest thing on the planet. 

Here's hoping i'm decently healed for Saturday's Color Run 5k and my birthday on Sunday! No more facebooking and walking until then.....or at least not a 5:30 in the morning. 

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