Friday, November 11, 2011

Things I love about today:

  • Killed the Kickbox Gauntlet this morning. I partially thank the playlist. Buckcherry makes me want to punch things.
  • Learned that Tuesday is 80s Day at NLXF. Gotta get to shopping this weekend!
  • Tried a new protein shake concoction. Peaches and sugar free vanilla syrup. Yum.
  • Got in a ten mile run before 11am. The remaining 5 miles took the same amount of time.
  • Received the call that I could claim Veterans Day and take the day off.
  • Baked a batch of tasty pumpkin cookies for the video board kids tonight. Green sugar decor!

  • Mom delivered me the new sugar free peppermint mocha lattes to work, and then when I wasn't there, brought it to the house for me!
  • Trying out Dad's new Livestrong bike.
  • Getting a full days workout in before having to work a double of games tonight. Volleyball and basketball, but Ill take that over football any day (sadly, Ill do just that tomorrow)

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