Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sangria is American, right?

We arrived back in the glorious USA just in time for Independence Day, and despite my absence in the days up to it, Tim decided to host a 4th of July party. Now, it does make sense, cause we have the best view intown for our measly version of fireworks. But they are fireworks nonetheless, and its a great reason to have people over, especially when Tim is willing to clean the whole house in preparation and me being gone. I mean, I COULD have done it the morning of, but I was so beat that really the only thing I got done besides baking was some of this action...
But really, who would give up a perfectly precious nap with three cuddling felines in order to clean their bathroom? Not me! And while I was in sweet slumber, he was busy prepping a delicious rack of ribs, slow roasted all afternoon, and then grilled to perfection! All I had to do was whip up some dessert. Brownies were the obvious choice (chocolate is always required), but such an American holiday needs something appley! Thus...
I mean, I think it turned out well. It kinda looks like yard mulch, but it sure doesn't taste like it. Appley almond raisin goodness all wrapped in flaky crust ;-)

Unfortunately, I was so zonked out by the time people got there that I totally slacked in the photo taking opportunities. i got like three all night. And they were all in the dark, unable to see anything that was going on. But it was a successful party, even in my zombie like state. 20+ people in our little baby backyard. Chillin, eatin ribs and watermelon, drinking Tim's homemade sangria, playing with sparklers until the fireworks went off. Anything past that was pretty much a haze. Most of the attendees were Tim's coworkers and friends, thankfully, cause I'm pretty sure I would have won most out of it hostess of the night. Although, Matt just thought I was drunk...oh well!

Next year will be bigger and better! Cause I sure won't be on the mend from another African adventure. Trust me.

As a sidenote, look at these pretty "Welcome Home/Thanks for not killing anyone/Good job not getting eaten by a hippo" flowers from Tim/Dad! They survived a long time, just dying a few days ago. They were big and open and beautiful!

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