Saturday, March 20, 2010

Proud Panther.

I havent posted in awhile. Been at Disney for a week. But I found this picture, and I can't even express how adorable they are. Super happy for them tonight. Having worked every home game the past three years, they deserved this.


DeMo said...

Oh this is your team! I guess I didn't realize it. I'm a Jayhawk fan so I'm a leeeeeetle bit sad about the outcome, but they did play a great game, so {swallowing pride...} congratulations! :)

Clare & Tim said...

Thanks! It was an intense game to say the least! Despite our win, its not like KU handed it to us. They didn't get to be the Number One Seed for no reason, thats for sure. I feel bad for them, but they fought hard and should be proud. So close. Mere seconds.