Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lookin like a Fools 5k

I ran my first 5k last weekend. Which is really strange actually, I run on the treadmill every day. And I mean EVERY day, for 10+ miles, but I have never run a 5k, or any race for that matter. What it boils down to, is that I hate running outside. How am I supposed to watch Real Housewives when I'm out running on the sidewalk with nothing but squirrels to look at and my own thoughts to drive me completely insane? If anyone should not have free time in their own brain, its me. It just gets so freaking boring. I'd stop after a mile, guaranteed. Not even the Jersey Shore soundtrack can keep these feet pitter pattering once I'm officially bored. But Tim has become a runner over the past year or two, and has done a couple of 5k's himself. Somehow, i have never even been able to attend a race of his. This does indeed make me a bad person. And when I heard that a bunch of NLXF members were going to be running in this 5k (Fool's 5k), I figured I might as well give it a shot.
The NLXF crew

 I had planned on practicing outdoors before the big day. Never happened. Oops. Day of race. Low 40s. Cold. Br. With a thousand people racing, we had to be there over an hour early. Did I mention it was cold? But we survived along with my lovely NLXF pal Jen and started the race with everyone else.
Braving the cold with Tim & Jen

 I could have done much better. I had to stop to tie my shoe three times in the first mile. And right around mile two, I was hit with a massive shin splint attack. I tried to relax, but yeah, good luck with that when you have burning searing pain in your shins that only grows with every hit of the pavement. It was my last desire in the world, but I knew that if I didn't walk a bit, I would be crawling to the finish. And I'd have to forget any workout I had planned for the rest of the day. So I walked for maybe a tenth of a mile. So not too bad. But I was never even winded in the slightest, so that’s happy. I remember back in the day of the mile run at school. I was lucky if I could get 20 minutes. And thats looking on the upside, I would have never thought this would happen. But I did.

After the Fools 5k!
 Of course Tim beat me, by 2ish minutes. I blame at least one minute of that on the shin splints, but considering Ive never really run outside. I think I did pretty damn good.

 Besides, it gave me a reason to eat a Scratch mini cupcake completely guilt free once I crossed that finish line!

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