Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May Mayhem!

In a matter of a week or two, its as if I ate my weight in badness. Tasty delicious badness. But, it was all for celebration! And celebration eating doesn't count, right?

Mother's Day. How adorable are they? Brunching at the country club.

Tim's 29th birthday. Monkey Bread beats cake any day!

Pella's Tulip Time. Now, it was nowhere near what we expected. We have heard so many awesome things about it, maybe we got a little over excited, but a two hour drive there wasn't worth it for the tulips, parade stuff, dutchy things, and whatnot. But it is debatable on if it was worth it for Jaarsma's bakery. Blueberry bars, Dutch Letters, Beehives of frosting, an almond crunchy thing, cinnamon roll, this is why the scale hated me this weekend. Tim definitely enjoyed his bologna on a stick though. Good lord, the concept of that title is disgusting. And then came the Poffertjes as he went back to the car. There was powdered sugar EVERYWHERE. But nummers. Times 10.

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