Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Straightening the Sheets.

I had the weirdest realization yesterday, as I made the bed at 6:30 at night. Yes, it was that late, and most people wouldn't even bother that late at night, but it was the first time I was home since rushing to work in the morning, and I just couldn't stand it being unmade.

I went through growing up never making my bed, never caring. It got made when I had to, people coming over, or Mom just being an angsty mood (love you mom). But for the most part, it remained rumpled and tossed all day every day. Never cared.

Then when I went to school, it was just a requirement. With as many people in and out of your room, sitting on your bed, putting their crap on your bed, you just have to protect your beloved sleeping space! No one wants to sleep in college kid cooties every night.

But it totally ruined me. I have to make the bed now! Every day. As soon as I have time to. Its not like anyone is going to see it, its not like anyone is going to make it dirty, nothing. There is ZERO practicality behind it, and yet until its done, it bugs the crap out of me.

My need for tidiness annoys me. :)

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